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(사람, 행동이) 용감한, 대담한


Someone who is bold is not afraid to do things which involve risk or danger



be/make so bold (as to do sth): 실례가 안되길 바라며 ~하다 (약간 비판적인 질문이나 제안을 정중히 할 때 덧붙힘)

If I may be so bold as to suggest that he made a mistake in his calculations


be[make] (so) bold (as) to do: 실례지만 ~하다, 대담하게도[감히] ~하다

I make bold [make so bold as] to ask you


a bold plan: 대담한 계획



장대한, 크고 무거운


Hefty means large in size, weight, or amount



a hefty increase in salary

a hefty fine

hefty sum

face hefty fines

cover their hefty university fees


(보통 더 보기 좋도록) 개조[수리]하다


If someone revamps sth, they make changes to it in order to try and improve it.


revamp the cabinet: 내각을 개편하다

revamp a product: 제품을 개량하다

revamp Korea’s school setup: 한국 학교제도를 개정하다.

resole/reheel/revamp shoes: 구두창을 새로이 갈다.