Interview Preparations

Interview takes 40% of your application process and hence there is no doubt about importance of interview preparations. Moreover, EIC scholarships are likely to be issued to those who did well in the interviews.



Yes, it might be important to attend academies to learn systematic methods of answering questions or learn current issues and theories behind them.

However, I believe your commitment to learn about current issues and analysing them with your own abilities are the most important.


▶ Go to Newspaper website and scrap interesting or important articles and read them.
Here are some good sites:

Read articles & always have your own opinion.

If you support the articles, make sure you have reasons why you are supporting them.

If you disagree with the articles, make sure you have proper arguments.


▶ Buy “good” magazines like “The Economists”, “Harvard Business Review” or any journals.


▶ Listen to prestige lectures or open lectures from other universities via Pod Casts or University Websites (Many Korean Universities are not providing these)
1. Download itune
2. Click “iTunes Store”
3. Select Nationality of My Store (UK or USA is recommended) (Korea do not have university podcasts)
4. Go to Podcasts or iTunes U
5. Find appropriate Unis or lectures and listen to them. (LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science is highly recommended)


▶ Read your personal statement and assure that you can answer all questions that can be asked from reading your personal statement.



Interview Day

▶ Do not get nervous.

▶ Imagine your interview in your head.

▶ Know that interviewers are trying to test your qualities but not to fail you.

▶ It is ok to ask interviewers to repeat questions if you did not understand them. (But try your best to avoid)

▶ If you do not know answers to questions, just say that you do not know but the question was very interesting to you and you are willing to study to find the answers. (Then interviewers might give you some clues to solve the questions)

▶ Prepare a “good” question to ask interviewer at the end of the interview (However, the questions must be “good”. Read curriculum in detail & read course information then ask interviewer questions that were not in the curriculum or course information.) Shows that you are interested and committed to study at the college

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